Naslov Vaše Stranice
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What does a credit broker do? He …


analyses whether the intended project is realistic
• always looks for the strengths of the client and solely represents his interests
creates a personalized payment concept, taking into account the client’s personal needs and risk propensity
supports for the professional development of financing
(credit, building-loan contract or leasing)
creates a neutral view of the market and offers sound comparison
free from conflicts of interest
minimises bureaucracy through professional preparation of all documents required by the bank; processing can be accelerated
saves time and renders going-to-the-bank unnecessary; constantly changing contacts and bureaucratic harassment belong to the past
examines credit contracts and conditions and translates “legalese” to comprehensive terms
• sustainably manages over a client’s life cycle and stays a competent partner even after the financial commitment
obtains genuine and sustainable cash savings by optimizing conditions